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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


(4 customer reviews)

Extracted slowly at low heats to ensure it is rich in naturally occurring beneficial phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Our hemp extract is then diluted in British organic hemp seed oil before going through a purification process to deliver superior potency and a unique taste.

This makes it a very unique and special Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.

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4 reviews for Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

  1. Lol

    I’ve been using this now for 2 months and absolutely love it! So much better than the Holland and Barrett stuff, this CBD actually works! I feel so much better. Plus I love their ethical stance and that it is using the whole plant.

  2. Keavy

    Love this! I’ve not tasted CBD like it before and I really enjoyed it compared to some other brands that I would usually try it’s great value for money too. Definitely recommend the 5% for anyone looking for an everyday CBD oil.

  3. chescamae98

    I’m new to CBD so bought the 5% oil – loving it so far! Great taste and feel more balanced 🙂

  4. (verified owner)

    I’ve used the 5% and the 15% wholeplant droppers before bed and they help me so much. Before I started taking it I was a really light sleeper and would wake up in the night and be groggy in the morning.

    I was worried that the stronger one would be too strong, but their dosage recommendation was a great starting point for a beginner and now that’s my preferred buy. It’s a great product, easy to understand and I love the brand too.

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