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Can You Take CBD on a Plane?

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It has been a long while since overseas travel has been permitted at all, so considering questions such as whether you’re allowed to take CBD on a plane fills us with joy as it means that countries are reopening and normal life is finally resuming! So can you take CBD whilst on a plane? Is it legal to carry CBD products onto an aeroplane in your hand luggage? What do we need to know about CBD and air travel? We investigate…

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

Firstly, we should explain the legality of using CBD here on British soil. CBD is one of numerous compounds derived from the hemp plant. Because hemp is associated with marijuana, there is often some confusion about whether or not CBD is legal in the UK. Like CBD, THC is another of the compounds derived from hemp, but this is where the similarities end. THC is not legal in the UK because of its psychoactive properties. The fact that both compounds are derived from hemp means that people have uncertainty about the UK’s CBD laws, but rest assured that as long as CBD does not contain more than 1mg of THC (which is undetectable by most laboratories) then it is legal in the UK. 

Is it Legal to Carry CBD in Your Hand Luggage?

If you regularly enjoy CBD products and are planning a trip abroad, you might wonder whether you can carry CBD in your hand luggage whilst on a plane. The good news is that as long as you meet all the specific luggage criteria rules set out by UK law, it is legal to fly into and out of Britain with CBD oil in your luggage.

It is personal choice whether you choose to carry your CBD oil in your hand luggage for easy access while flying, or if you pack it in your hold suitcase. Many regular users of CBD feel happier keeping their CBD products close by, particularly if they are nervous about flying or their flight times correspond with the time they usually take their CBD doses. Lots of people prefer to have their CBD products on hand if travelling by plane because they don’t want to risk being without it if their luggage gets lost.

If you choose to take your CBD onto a plane with you in your hand luggage, just make sure that CBD bottles are not breaking any hand luggage laws. UK luggage law states that liquids shouldn’t exceed 100ml, containers must be held in a transparent resealable bag, and that you must show this bag and its contents at the airport security gate. CBD rarely comes in bottles larger than 100ml so hopefully this won’t pose a problem for CBD users going on a plane journey.

Flying to Other Countries with CBD

Because it is tolerated in the UK, CBD users sometimes forget that CBD laws can differ from place to place. Thanks to an increase in research and a surge in popularity among wellness advocates, CBD and its uses are becoming more widely understood all the time. However, due to its associations with cannabis there remains wariness from some countries who are reluctant to accept that it is safe to use. Because of this, it is prudent to consider the CBD laws of the countries you are travelling in/through when you are planning your next trip abroad. We advise checking with your chosen airline and the local customs office of the country you are travelling to in order to mitigate any unnecessary customs niggles when you land. Rules about THC levels in CBD products also differ from country to country, so always make sure you check the laws and regulations in the country (and the airport) you are flying to. If in any doubt, do not take CBD products with you just to avoid running into potential problems.

Each country’s legal status of CBD differs and because laws can change, we strongly advise checking the CBD laws of your destination country before travelling on a plane with CBD products. Parts of the Middle East for example class CBD as a narcotic and punishments for carrying, selling or purchasing either CBD or THC products can be long prison sentences and other tough punishments, so it’s vital that you do your own research before you travel. There are some handy reputable websites which will have the most up-to-date information, and we strongly recommend that you do your own research before travelling anywhere.

For example, the Irish government website has a handy fact sheet for most countries which gives CBD advice for many of them.

There are also some other websites (below) which detail country-specific laws from the relevant governing bodies. 

Country Website for up to date info
United States TSA Government Website
Canada Canada Border Services Agency
Australia The Office of Drugs Control
New Zealand Ministry of Health
Singapore Health Science Authority
Switzerland Confederation, cantons and communes

Can You Use CBD Oil Whilst On a Flight?

CBD is a pure plant extract, a food supplement, a herbal health booster that is enjoyed by wellbeing and health advocates all around the UK and beyond. Because this botanical extract is legal in the UK, you can use it perfectly legally whilst travelling by plane both from and to the UK. Simply use the dropper just as you would at your usual set times throughout the day and sit back and enjoy a restful flight. The only thing to be aware of when using CBD on a plane is time differences between countries; make sure that you stick to the recommended dosage amounts and don’t go over the recommended daily allowance of CBD by being confused by time changes. 

Choosing a Reputable CBD Company 

One thing which is crucial with taking CBD on a plane is that you are able to trust the credentials of your chosen CBD provider. Using a CBD company which is transparent in its practices gives you peace of mind that you know the exact details of every compound and terpene in your chosen CBD product. This is particularly important if the law regarding THC levels vary from country to country. CBD is legal in most European countries as long as it has no more than 0.2% THC in it, but there are exceptions. If travelling to the USA, the federal THC limit for CBD products is 0.3% and this can also vary from state to state. If questioned about your CBD by airport security, using a reputable CBD company means that you will be safe in the knowledge that the claims made about the contents of your CBD products are exactly as stated on the label.

Unscrupulous CBD companies sometimes hoodwink their customers with unfounded claims. Here at EthicaCBD, our ingredients are routinely and systematically tested at every individual stage of the production process. Testing takes place at Socotec, widely regarded as the global leader in product testing where state-of-the-art equipment delves into the molecular makeup of every EthicaCBD product. This means that when travelling with our CBD products you can have absolute certainty about the purity of the final product.

The Bottom Line

CBD is a safe, botanical food supplement and so there is little risk in travelling within the UK and mainland Europe on a plane with CBD. However, as with anything, we advise that you carry out your own research before you travel to a particular country because laws and guidelines can change.

If you are travelling in the near future we hope that you enjoy your adventures and that your EthicaCBD products provide you with the high level of care you deserve. We are here to support you at every stage of your CBD journey so if you have any questions please just get in touch and our dedicated team will do all they can to help. Bon voyage!

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