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Discover your optimum CBD Dosage. How much CBD should I take?

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As with any supplement, the optimum dosage depends on a variety of factors: the individual’s tolerance to CBD based products, height and weight, and the concentration and type of CBD being ingested. Everyone is unique, and everyone is looking for something different from their CBD, so it is worth investing a bit of time to tailor our products to your exact needs. 

Those already reaping the benefits of CBD extracts will probably have their own routines and dosages, but for those new to cannabinoids, it can be difficult to know exactly how much to take. In order to discover how our products can best help you, we would recommend starting with our standard strength product, taking 3 drops 3 times a day. The majority of users will begin to see the benefits with this dosage, but others may need to adjust according to their own experience. If after several days you feel the need to increase the dosage, try adding extra drops to your daily routine. If you find that you are needing increasingly more drops with each application, you might want to try a higher strength product. Similarly, for those looking to reduce the daily intake you can try reducing the number of drops or purchase a lower strength extract. It’s also important to be aware of the CBD consumption when using different products, such as topicals and digestibles, and to always stay within the recommended daily dosage. 

There is no right or wrong CBD dosage. But there is an optimum intake. Whilst we offer strong guidance advising against exceeding 70mg of CBD in any 24 hour period, we encourage CBD users to discover how EthicaCBD can work for them.

How quickly will I feel the benefits of CBD?

You should always allow time for your body to adjust to any change in dosage or concentration, so don’t rush to increase or reduce your intake. Ensure that any alterations are made gradually, and listen to your body. Don’t rush to increase your dosage in an effort to see rapid results, it can take time for the benefits of CBD to become apparent. 

First time CBD users

If you’re new to CBD, we would urge you to allow 3-4 weeks to begin to notice the benefits and effects of our products. We are confident that by following our simple dosage guidelines you will notice the impact after this time. Be prepared to give CBD a chance, and if it’s right for you, you’ll enjoy the results.  

What’s the medical advice relating to CBD oil?

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are currently taking medication or have specific medical conditions, we would always recommend speaking to a doctor before taking any CBD related products.

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