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What is the Entourage Effect for CBD?

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This scientific study was written by David Heal PhD, DSc, FRSC, FBPhS, co-founder and Executive Director of DevelRx. Find out more about our team of scientific advisors

The “Entourage Effect” refers to the interaction of CBD with terpenes (aromatic compounds present in cannabis plants). Terpenes give cannabis its characteristic odour. Terpenes may be present at low levels in some CBD products as residues from the production process of the substance from plants. Alternatively, various terpenes may be added back into the CBD products by the manufacturer to give the product a pleasant odour and taste. 

Some research studies have shown that terpenes interact with CBD to enhance its effect compared with taking CBD alone. However, not all studies support this hypothesis. More research is needed on this topic.

Article written by Professor David Heal

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