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Does food or drink influence the absorption of CBD?

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This scientific study was written by David Heal PhD, DSc, FRSC, FBPhS, co-founder and Executive Director of DevelRx. Find out more about our team of scientific advisors

CBD is not all that well absorbed through the gut when taken by people in the fasted state, but its absorption is increased when it is taken with a meal, especially if it is a high fat meal.

Clinical trials found that CBD co-administered with alcohol did not influence alcohol-induced deficits or alter alcohol’s distribution and breakdown in the body. Another study found a small increase of CBD exposure combined with alcohol drinking when taken by fasted subjects. This increase was less than the enhanced body levels of CBD when it is taken with a high fat meal and these small effects are not relevant to its safety. It is safe to drink alcohol if CBD is taken according to the recommended daily intake on the CBD product labels. 

Article written by Professor David Heal

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