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"People should use it. Sometimes you can do all the talking in the world, but when it comes down to it, it’s gotta work… and this really works."
Lord Ian Botham
Sporting Icon

An Icon's Testimonial - Lord Ian Botham OBE

July 2022, when sporting icon, Lord Ian Botham, was at his least mobile, his son Liam sent him a tube of EthicaCBD Sports Gel…

3 weeks later he was walking around Sunningdale” – Liam Botham, Ex Professional Sportsman

Then, in September 2022 he returned to competitive golfing, playing 3 rounds at the Dunhill Links. 

To get me through the Dunhill, I used the gel 2-3 times per day. To be quite frank, without the gel, I wouldn’t have got round” – Lord Ian Botham

There are plenty more success stories...

We spent 2 years developing this formula, hoping to find the perfect way to combine CBD & CBG with loads of naturally dynamic botanicals. Based on the response we’re having from people of all walks of life, it looks like we might’ve found that perfect recipe. Check out these reviews from customers who use our Sports Gel daily to relieve and soothe.

The good news is starting to spread

It’s no surprise that the press have started to talk about this incredible product.

What are CBD & CBG?

CBD (cannabidiol) & CBG (cannabigerol) are the two headline ingredients in this expertly blended formula. In isolation these extracts are special, but the combination is something else entirely.

“This EthicaCBD Sports Gel has been an absolute game-changer. I’ve tried so many things in the past, but I have truly never used anything on my skin topically that makes such as difference as this does. Amazing.” – Gail Muller, Author & Adventurer

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