77% of topical products make false claims about the quantity of CBD

A recently published new study by industry experts Leafreport has discovered that a whopping 77% of CBD topical products do not contain the amount of CBD that is stated on their label.

The research completed by Las Vegas-based laboratory Canalysis analysed a sample of 40 different topical CBD products; including face creams, skin lotions, sports balms, and CBD infused bath products. 

The findings revealed that 31 out of 40 products tested – that’s more than 3 out of 4 – contained a different quantity of CBD to that which was advertised on the product’s label. Not only that, every single one of those 31 products was more than 10% out of its indicated range, with some shockingly misadvertising their CBD by as much as 99 percent.

In order to attach some perspective to their results, Leafreport has compiled a grading system to rate the accuracy of each CBD company. Using guidelines from expert recommendations, the products were ranked in order of accuracy, with the top grade allowing a generous 10% margin either way of the quoted CBD content. 

Despite this generosity, only 9 of the 40 companies managed to achieve an A grade. 14 products (or 35%) scored a ‘B’ with a 20% margin of error, and 15% were awarded a ‘C’ to show that their CBD claims were 30% out. All of those falling outside of these bands were dished out an ‘F’ to show that they had failed to come close to their supposed levels of CBD. 

Perhaps most surprising is the big industry names falling foul of this third party testing. One of the most famous CBD brands was found to be adding 39% more CBD into its products than is stated on the label. And another CBD balm manufacturer, whose marketing department has trademarked the claim: ‘the world’s most trusted hemp extract’ was found to be using 32% more CBD than is communicated on their packaging. 

In an industry where trust is crucial, this is concerning for the consumer. Those implementing CBD into their lives must be able to make their own judgements about what dosage is right for them, and if they cannot confidently rely on manufacturers to provide accurate information, then any due diligence is futile.

Fortunately, you can rely on EthicaCBD to be upfront and honest with the labelling of its products. Our quadruple testing means that we can confidently claim to know exactly what goes into every drop of EthicaCBD. So if you’re looking for a CBD brand you can trust, you’ve come to the right place.

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