Could CBG be the next CBD? CBG use increases in popularity

For the last few years, CBD has hogged the limelight. The race to dominate the cannabinoid market has seen companies launch a host of CBD infused topicals, oils, and sprays. But there could be a new kid on the block: cannabigerol. What was once considered a minor cannabinoid is becoming increasingly popular amongst CBD experts and connoisseurs.

Just as is currently happening with CBD, scientists are busy performing tests to discover if CBG offers any potential health benefits and whether CBG can revamp the wellness industry once more? Rumours speculate that CBG could act as a powerful anti-inflammatory, and there is even some mention of cannabigerol being used in cancer treatments.

A leading pharmacologist at Penn State College of Medicine, Pennsylvania predicts that the use of CBG could boom in the next few years:

“Research into cannabigerol is in its infancy but has shown promise for addressing a diverse array of therapeutic needs. Although CBG’s effect on cognition has yet to be studied, it may play a role in improving quality of life in these vulnerable populations, as the few drugs currently available for neurodegenerative diseases also carry uncomfortable and disabling side effects.”

Source: Why CBG, A New And Legal Cannabis Plant Product, Is Surging

Although in its infancy, EthicaCBD is keen to stay abreast of CBG developments. Watch this space for more news on cannabigerol as scientists continue to reveal further results into its capabilities.

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