Who are the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and why is their work so important?


The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is an organisation formed to represent the shared interests of all those involved in the hemp industry. Originally founded 19 years ago, but officially registered in 2005, the EIHA has offices in Brussels and Cologne.

From farmers, traders, manufacturers and producers, they spend their time looking after the rights of those who rely on the tremendous potential of hemp as a natural resource. By working closely alongside many different sectors of the industry, the EIHA lobbies for changes to international policy and serves to protect the rights of hundreds of hemp dependent companies.  

Because the application of hemp is so diverse, so too is the scope of the EIHA’s representation. Spanning areas of construction, textiles, food, supplements, and cosmetics, their network includes affiliates from 25 EU member states and 12 non-EU countries, including operators in North America and Asia. And with more than 250 members, the EIHA has got every individual stage of the hemp production chain well and truly covered. 

With a mission to: “steer and promote hemp farming, processing and trading in the European Union”, a major aim is to evolve a safe common market for high-quality hemp products. 

Just like EthicaCBD, the EIHA places sustainability at the forefront of their work and their vision statement supports this view:

“We believe in a sustainable economic model that reconciles agriculture, industry and environment. We favour an inclusive, transparent and multi-stakeholder approach to policymaking, guided by science-based information.”

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