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EthicaCBD Sports Gel

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This all-natural blend of therapeutic botanicals has been expertly blended to produce unrivalled holistic efficacy. Above all, it does what it says it does.

“It’s been a miracle for me” – Sir Ian Botham

What Is The Starter Pack?

Our CBD Sports Gel – Stockist Starter Pack is the most affordable and effective way to establish yourself as an EthicaCBD retailer. Each starter pack is boxed up with everything you need to display your product, promote your stockist status, and master customer interactions.

Price: £160 + vat

The CBD Sports Gel is are priced at £16 + vat per unit for our stockists. The marketing materials are free of charge, of course. 

CBD Sports Gel RRP: £30. 

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Read through our B2B brochure below to find out more:

July 2022:
Ian Botham could not walk around a golf course.

September 2022:
Ian Botham returned to competitive golfing.

An Icon's Testimonial - Lord Ian Botham OBE

After a 15-year Test Cricket Career (474 England caps) and 38 years of global charity walks (raising over £30mil), Sir Ian Botham OBE is quite simply the most impactful cricket player to come out of the UK, going above and beyond his title of ‘England’s Best Ever All-Rounder’.

Unsurprisingly, his body paid the price of carrying that weight, leading to decades of treatment and various intense surgeries. After making a somewhat miraculous return to his active lifestyle with the help of the Sports Gel, Ian got in touch with us to suggest a collaboration. It was clear to us at EthicaCBD that Ian would be able to help us get this product in front of more people who need it, and that’s our aim, so he’s now helping us to spread the word. His message is clear: 

“People should use it. If they need it, use it. It's not a gimmick. It really does work" - Ian Botham

– Ian Botham

“I sent the gel over to dad and three weeks later he was walking round Sunningdale”

– Liam Botham

There are plenty more success stories...

We spent 2 years developing this formula, hoping to find the perfect way to combine CBD & CBG with loads of naturally dynamic botanicals. Based on the response we’re having from people of all walks of life, it looks like we might’ve found that perfect recipe. Check out these reviews from customers who use our Sports Gel daily to relieve and soothe.

A product with purpose, created with care.

Gail Muller
Gail Muller
Author & Adventurer
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This EthicaCBD Sports Gel has been an absolute game-changer. I’ve tried so many things in the past, but I have truly never used anything on my skin topically that makes such as difference as this does. Amazing.

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Our stockist shopping experience is simple and intuitive. No wholesale account is needed for your first purchase. Simply click ‘Add To Basket’ and you’re on your way.

Purchasing support: if you experience any difficulties in the purchasing process, there is a chat icon bottom right of your screen. Any messages you right in that chat window will come straight through to the team. It’s not a robot, and you will always be answered ASAP. Alternatively, you can call +44 3333 44 88 44 (extension 1).

"It really does work" because of what's in it.

The Game-Changing Formula of EthicaCBD Sports Gel

This game-changing formula combines CBD & CBG with an infusion of therapeutic botanicals, to create a product like no other. Above all, it does what it says it does.

The cooling effect provides instant relief to the desired area whilst the more complex benefits of the formula begin to reduce inflammation and deeper physical tensions. Feeling the combined benefits of these two effects, happy customers report a great improvement to their quality of life in the short-term and a cumulative increase in mobility as they continue to use the product.

With a formula like this, once you’ve got your first few sales, the word starts to spread. We are confident that this is the best natural pain & mobility product on the market. Begin your journey as a stockist today and we can work together to improve the lives of people in your community. 

“Let’s get the world moving again. It’s only natural” – Ruarri Spurgeon, Founder Of EthicaCBD