Living a healthy lifestyle: How to incorporate CBD into a healthy daily routine

Healthy living trends come and go. Some stick around, and some disappear as quickly as they arrived on the scene. But CBD has proved itself to be different. Research, positive experiences, and consumer satisfaction have all cemented CBD as a wellbeing essential. For those already taking advantage of CBD, no explanation is needed. But there are still those out on the periphery looking in, curious as to how CBD might be able to help them achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

As well as selling sustainably and ethically sourced CBD, part of our mission is to educate everyone about the benefits of hemp extracts. And what better place to start then lifting the lid on the advantages of placing CBD products at the centre of your daily wellness routine?

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Before diving headlong into the ways to achieve healthy CBD wellness, let’s sprinkle some perspective onto what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Being in good health doesn’t mean simply being free from disease or illness; it is a balanced and harmonious state of physical, mental, and social well-being. This is best achieved by consuming a sensible diet, getting regular quality exercise, and taking considered steps to preserve and maintain the internal and external functions of our body. The human body operates like a machine, and we can boost its performance and functionality by slightly altering the way in which we live. 

What is wellness and why do I need a wellness routine?

We’ve already explored the finer details of wellness and wellbeing, but to briefly summarise: it’s about as important as you can get. For thousands of years, humans have recognised the synergy between a healthy body and a healthy mind, and we should all be aware of how we can maximise our state of wellbeing.

Wellness is entirely our own responsibility. It might be affected by the environment and surroundings in which we live, but it is important that we retain as much control over our individual homeostasis as we can, making positive lifestyle choices in order to strive for an optimum state of existence. When dissected like that, it can sound a bit idealistic, even unobtainable, but there are simple actions we can implement into our healthy daily routine that can make a huge difference: 

Read our article ‘What is wellness?’ to discover the 6 dimensions that make up our understanding of modern well-being.
  • Go for a walk, the easiest and simplest of changes you can instantly achieve.
  • Eat vegan for one meal a day. Or maybe try a whole week?
  • If you’re fortunate enough to live by the sea or a lake, why not go for a swim? (But always stay safe!)
  • Connect with other people, just a 5-minute chat can transform your (and someone else’s) day.
  • Learn new skills. Either try something completely new or revisit an old passion such as a foreign language or a creative art or skill.
  • Implement EthicaCBD Pure into your healthy morning routine. There’s an entire range of CBD products designed with specific aspects of your life in mind.

All of these small steps can help to reach a state of optimum wellbeing. 

CBD as a food supplement

Supplements have become a key player in balancing wellness and wellbeing. With the aim of boosting specific nutrients and compounds in the body, CBD supplements can not only replace elements missing from our diet but fine-tune and enhance the way in which the body operates and performs. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and whilst research into specific benefits is still ongoing, it is widely believed to aid the functionality of mental and physical processes that occur within the body. 

How to incorporate CBD into your healthy wellness routine

At EthicaCBD, we think the best way to enjoy our CBD extracts is to make them part of your daily wellness routine. Your body likes routines because they represent efficiency. When you automatically complete common tasks, you’re freeing up mental capacity for other things, allowing you to maximise the potential of CBD. Whether you choose to take our whole-plant extract oil first thing in the morning after waking up and then again before you go to sleep; opt for a CBD face cream to moisturise, enhance and nourish your skin: or you prefer the simplicity and targeted approach of EthicaCBD’s Pure CBD range, establishing a routine is the key to success. And don’t just take our word for it. Scientific research repeatedly discovers that having a regular wellness routine can reduce stress, help you get better sleep, and reduce anxiety.

“People are creatures of habit, and routines offer a way to promote health and wellness through structure and organization. Having a routine can greatly improve your health.”

Source: Northwestern Medicine

Why not make EthicaCBD Pure the centre of your healthy daily routine?

EthicaCBD Pure Range
Designed to target specific areas of your daily life, why not make EthicaCBD Pure a regular part of your wellness routine?

Designed to not just compliment, but enhance specific areas of your day-to day-living, EthicaCBD Pure is the best way to experience hemp extracts at their simple best. Available in 5 varieties, with carefully selected ingredients and compounds designed to work in harmony with your existing daily routine, there’s an EthicaCBD Pure variety for everyone. And if you can’t narrow down your preference to one variety of EthicaCBD Pure, you can safely mix and match the products to create the perfect cocktail of CBD for your exact requirements. We believe just 9 drops a day is the optimum dose, but you can safely increase this to 14 drops if required. With its carefully selected blend of terpenes, EthicaCBD Pure can enhance all aspects of your daily life. 

Make the change

Now you know the benefits of a daily wellness routine, you can consider how CBD can help you to achieve that all-important balance.  EthicaCBD is regularly adding to its range of vegan-friendly, organically grown products. Be sure to check out our full range here. And if you’d like some friendly help and advice to get you started on your life-changing journey with CBD, we’ve got a heap of articles and blogs aimed at improving everyone’s experience with this magnificent natural extract.

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