What does CBD do?

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Many supposedly reputable companies make bold claims about the benefits of CBD. Statements declaring CBD as a cure for anxiety, CBD to help insomnia, CBD to reduce stress, and CBD to fight depression are among a few of the attention-grabbing headlines being broadcast by our competitors.

But strict guidelines governing the marketing of CBD based products actually make these claims illegal. What we can say is that EthicaCBD’s attention to quality and strict independent testing delivers CBD extracts that you can trust. Whether you are seeking a natural organic remedy or ethically sourced plant-based care, we want our CBD range to help you feel more natural and balanced in body and mind.

And just because we can’t shout about the benefits, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We recommend that you do your own CBD research and discover how EthicaCBD can help you. Our parent company Medicanna serves as a platform to inform and educate on all things CBD related. Through extensive research, expert advice, and first-hand experience with the use of CBD extracts, Medicanna provides the resources you need to make informed decisions about how the ingredients in our products might be able to help you.

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