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About EthicaCBD

Our mission: To improve lives

EthicaCBD is devoted to your everyday well-being and we support that journey with the highest quality CBD. Our CBD is made from carefully cultivated hemp, which is produced ethically and sustainably, then robustly tested in the world’s best laboratories to guarantee the very best plant-based care.

The Core Goal:

"To offer the best CBD for people and the planet. We do this by placing an uncompromising emphasis on quality in everything that we do."

Our plants are given the opportunity to thrive because we provide them with optimum growing conditions and nurture them with the love they require. This nurturing of nature is inextricably connected to our unquestionably precise production methods, which ensure that the love we show our crops translates to your body.

Can we prove it? Yes.

Strict quadruple-testing is undertaken to scientifically guarantee absolute quality in our final product. And at each stage of the process, we can proudly claim to be cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and free from toxins and heavy metals.

The result? A range of CBD products unlike anything else.

A Cornish CBD Company With a Difference

Our company’s most integral guiding ethos is one of quality. We are a proudly Cornish CBD company who have scoured the world to source the finest organic hemp and established precise methods for extraction to be able to deliver a previously unachieved level of natural purity across our whole range of CBD products. Nestled in the beautifully dramatic wilds of the North coast, we know that sticking to our principles of exceptional quality and transparency is why our customers trust us and why they come back to us time and time again. We’re proud to be leading the way for ethical, pure CBD oils and luxury CBD skin care products here in Cornwall.

Premium quality, honest CBD that you can trust

Our promise is that we will always deliver CBD products with exceptional levels of purity and quality. Our ingredients are sourced responsibly, our products are trialled and tested to the highest standards before they reach the shelf and our packaging is always as eco-friendly as possible.

What does this mean for our customers? They can make a difference to their lives with pure CBD while supporting a company that has a positive impact on the planet.

How did we get here?

EthicaCBD developed as a necessary solution to the issues faced by one of our founder’s, Oli, when dealing with the disease Ankylosing Spondylitis. Whilst confidently searching for a high-quality CBD extract that would help his personal circumstances, he became increasingly frustrated by the abundance of inferior products available. Oli knew that a CBD range with consistently high levels of purity would benefit not only himself but potentially millions of others too, so he set about establishing EthicaCBD. The brief was simple: to offer the best CBD products on the market, placing an uncompromising emphasis on quality. Now, after much preparation and development, we can proudly say we achieved that.

"EthicaCBD is intent on positioning itself as the market leader in CBD products, and it aims to do so whilst leading the charge on ethics and sustainability. From our raw materials to our final product, every care is taken to deliver a new generation of CBD experiences."

Our Founders

Olivier Reiner

A CBD Success Story | Founder | Director

EthicaCBD’s existence owes itself to Oli’s first-hand experience with CBD. Educated in Europe, Oli entered the wellness and cosmetics industry in 1999.

After being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a potentially debilitating autoimmune disease that manifests itself in severe back pain and muscle inflammation, he began seeking alternatives to expensive and life-altering treatments. After many months of thoroughly researching solutions that avoided medication that would suppress his body’s immune system, Oli initially tackled his condition by making dramatic changes to his diet. The results were positive, but he was keen to do more.

During his research, Oli uncovered many cases of CBD being used to assist with conditions similar to his own. Keen to discover the impact for himself he sampled a variety of brands. This experimentation led to frustration, partly due to the vast fluctuations in quality and effectiveness. Convinced by the impact that a premium CBD range could have on his own condition and the livelihood of millions of others, the seed of EthicaCBD was planted.

Oli’s vision was clear. He wanted to create the best range of products available on the market. Recognising that this meant a commitment to quality at every stage of the process, he and his fellow founders set about sourcing the finest organic hemp, establishing precise methods for extraction, and delivering a previously unachieved level of natural purity to the mainstream consumer.

Ruarri Spurgeon

Founder | Director

Ruarri has an in-depth understanding of the cannabis plant and he recognises exactly what it takes to create the best possible products from this versatile plant.

Working with the EthicaCBD cofounders for more than 20 years, his level of expertise brings an intricate knowledge of how to achieve the highest quality CBD extracts. He is committed to putting each stage of the production process under the spotlight and is constantly questioning whether improvements can be made to enhance the final product.

Combining this drive for quality with a desire to operate in the most sustainable and ethical ways possible, Ruarri plays a vital role in ensuring EthicaCBD consistently delivers on its promises.


David Reiner

Founder | Director

David has spent 60 years excelling in the fragrance, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, recognising what it takes to look after yourself. As a keen sportsman, he uses CBD products to supplement and boost his daily routines.

An unstoppable belief in CBD was concretely affirmed as he witnessed the dramatic effect that it had on improving the wellbeing of his son Olivier. Inspired by that impact, and aware that his expertise could play a vital role in the company’s success, David joined the other founders in the establishment of EthicaCBD.

Also committed to ethical sustainability and bio-friendly credentials, David plays an important part in ensuring that EthicaCBD continues to be vegan-friendly, free from heavy metals and toxins, and not tested on animals.

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