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EthicaCBD is committed to supporting your path to everyday well-being with the highest quality CBD.

Our CBD is made from carefully cultivated hemp, produced ethically and sustainably, and robustly tested in the world’s best laboratories, so you get the very best plant-based care.

Whole Plant

What makes the whole plant something to shout about?

Our purified whole plant extract has been produced with the utmost care to deliver the ultimate hemp experience.

Oil from our carefully cultivated hemp plants is extracted slowly at low heats to ensure it is rich in naturally occurring beneficial phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Our hemp extract is then diluted in British organic hemp seed oil before going through a purification process to deliver superior potency and a unique taste.

This makes it a very special Broad Spectrum CBD oil.

Pure CBD

Keep it Pure. A range of carefully formulated products designed to enhance the benefits of Pure CBD.


Revolutionise your performance. Let EthicaCBD Sport transform your recovery and keep you in the game, for longer.

Skin Care

Nourish, moisturise, and soothe your skin. EthicaCBD’s moisture-rich plant extract formulations are enhanced with organically grown CBD. Designed with you in mind.

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EthicaCBD has just one aim:

"To offer you the finest CBD available of the highest quality and purity. Ethically manufactured for your benefit and our planet's future. This is achieved by placing an uncompromising emphasis on excellence throughout the entire production process."​

- Olivier Reiner - CO-Founder

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EthicaCBD is committed to helping you learn more about the exciting world of hemp extracts. From its potential benefits to its multitude of uses, we want you to discover how CBD can form an integral part of your daily routine.

Exceptional purity.
Premium quality.

We know exactly what goes into every drop of EthicaCBD, and our rigorous quality control backs this up. Small batch testing throughout production guarantees a consistently potent product. Strict procedures are implemented to ensure there are no heavy metals or pesticides present in any of our products. And each of our items undergoes a minimum of 4 lab tests so that we can confidently claim EthicaCBD is as good as we know it is.

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Many supposedly reputable companies make bold claims about the benefits of CBD. Statements declaring CBD as a cure for anxiety, CBD to help insomnia, CBD to reduce stress, and CBD to fight depression are among a few of the attention-grabbing headlines being broadcast by our competitors.

But strict guidelines governing the marketing of CBD based products actually make these claims illegal. What we can say is that EthicaCBD’s attention to quality and strict independent testing delivers CBD extracts that you can trust. Whether you are seeking a natural organic remedy or ethically sourced plant-based care, we want our CBD range to help you feel more natural.

And just because we can’t shout about the benefits, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We recommend that you do your own CBD research and discover how EthicaCBD can help you.