Reasons to choose our CBD

The reasons to buy EthicaCBD are plentiful. Besides only using the purest extracts in our products, and delivering impeccable quality with every drop, our brand has so many other reasons for you to join us. Find out more in the EthicaCBD glossary for good.

3rd party tested and validated

Strictly tested to the highest standard at the world-renowned Fera labs, allowing us to deliver on quality, purity and safety.

British company

Based in the UK, we do our best to use local suppliers, producers and facilitators.

Clinically Tested

to give you complete peace of mind, all CBD products have undergone cruelty-free clinical tests.


We are proud to be able to say that our CBD doesn't involve cruelty to animals during any of our processes.

Ethically sourced

Knowing where our raw materials come from is important to us and it allows us to talk confidently about our ethical accountability.

Fast shipping

If you've seen something you like, we'll get it to you quickly.

Free shipping

We don't charge for delivery to the mainland UK. Friendly customer service team: if you need to know anything, our team will help answer your questions.

Non-drip cap

No mess or spillages in our non-drip caps.


All of the plants in our products are grown without herbicides or pesticides.

Petroleum free hemp extraction

Unlike other CBD providers, we don't use shortcuts in the extraction of our CBD

Quadruple-lab testing

All of our products are held to the strictest scientific standards to guarantee purity and safety.


Our products are 100% legal and completely safe to enjoy.

Something for everyone

Whatever your need, there's an EthicaCBD product for everyone.


Staying true to our brand pillars of sustainability, our packaging is recyclable and ethically sourced.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Natural product means vegetarian friendly. And no animal testing.

All natural

Completely natural extracts, nothing artificial. The care and attention to detail that we take in the production of our products rewards us with a unique tasting hemp-extract.

CBD you can trust

We go above and beyond what is required, so you can place your trust in the entire EthicaCBD range.

Consistency guaranteed

Regular small batch testing means we are consistent in our quest for perfection.

Easy to use

Simple dosage guidelines and easy to administer.

Family farmed hemp

Hand-cut hemp from a family farm means our raw materials are carefully nurtured at every stage of the process.

Free returns

If you're not happy, we won't charge you to return any items.


Safe for those who are intolerant to foods containing gluten.

Non-toxic extraction

No unnecessary chemicals find their way into any of our CBD extracts.


Our journey to production is rooted in a passion for the product, each of our founders has a strong belief in the EthicaCBD range, and they want you to share in the benefits


Craftsmanlike methods of production ensure unrivalled purity.

Recyclable and recycled packaging

Staying true to our brand pillars of sustainability, wherever possible our packaging is recyclable, recycled, and ethically sourced.

Small batch tested

This method of testing our CBD in small batches means we know what is in every drop of our extracts.

Striving to do more

We know there's always more that can be done, which is why we are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve what we do.


Full traceability at every stage of the process means we know our extracts inside out.

Ready for the experience?