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Can you think of a friend who would benefit from EthicaCBD? Send them £10 towards their first purchase.

In return, we’ll give you £10 store credit for each referral.

Better living, together.

If you’ve already made a purchase:

  • Use this form to gift to up to 5 friends who have never purchased from our store before. 
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  • Once a friend makes a purchase, you’ll be rewarded with £10 store credit which automatically deducts from your next purchase. 
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If you’ve not ordered yet:

  • You will have access to this opportunity once you make a purchase. 
  • The order completion page will prompt you with the opportunity to send £10 store credit to up to 5 friends via email, or simply come back to this page. 
  • We’ll notify you when each of your friends completes their first purchases and your £10 credit will be ready to spend right away.

Who shall we send £10?

You’ll get £10 store credit every time one of them orders. 5 email addresses = £50.

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