CBD lab testing.
EthicaCBD - setting a new standard.

Our ingredients are routinely and systematically tested at every individual stage of the production process. Not only that, testing takes place at Fera, widely regarded as the global leader in product testing, where state-of-the-art equipment delves into the molecular makeup of every EthicaCBD product. This means that we don’t make any false claims about our products. When we say our CBD is free from heavy metals and toxins, we know that to be true. When we claim to have the purest CBD currently available, we aren’t doing so to create marketing hype. Each of our statements are scientifically certified by genuine third party testers. And all to make sure you can place your trust and confidence in EthicaCBD.

Our testing goes
above and beyond...

...so our claims regarding purity are well-founded. Every EthicaCBD product is tested for the presence of:

What are we testing for?

We perform meticulous analytical testing for a comprehensive list of cannabinoids.

Put simply, we know our products.


Stringent testing is incredibly important to us. It means that we can be completely transparent with our purity claims, talk confidently about the range of terpenes and cannabinoids present in some of our products, and give the consumer a complete picture of our range. We hope that our commitment to testing inspires confidence in EthicaCBD and allows you to trust us when we say that our products are the best.

The EthicaCBD quadruple testing.

Rigorous testing is a fundamental element of everything we do at EthicaCBD. Our commitment to quality is one of our most important goals, so regular testing is crucial to ensure that we uphold our quality assurances. So that we can be sure we are consistently adhering to the high standards that we set ourselves, each of our products undergoes testing at 4 separate stages of its journey.

Our quadruple testing involves:

Testing the ground and biomass

By understanding the growing conditions at the root of the hemp plant, we can carefully hone the manufacturing process to ensure that our CBD extracts are carefully balanced and sensitively handled. We also test for heavy metals, pesticides, and tailor the soil to create the optimum growing environment.

1st extraction testing

We use a variety of complex scientific processes to test a sample of the initial CBD extract to be collected from the hemp plant. This allows us to further balance the manufacturing process and make any necessary tweaks to the temperature and pressure to ensure an undamaged final product. A knowledge and understanding of our extract at each stage of manufacture is one of the main reasons we are able to deliver a consistently premium product.​

Final product testing

When we have finished production, we test the CBD in our own labs to confirm consistency, purity and to ensure that no heavy metals or other contaminants remain present.​

FERA testing

The final stage of testing involves sending a sample of our finished products to FERA. FERA is a privately owned laboratory which is part owned by the UK government and is UKAS accredited. We use them to confirm the safety and quality of our CBD extracts. We choose to use FERA because of their reputation as leaders in scientific testing which allows us to offer the highest safety reassurances to our consumers. FERA uses the very latest equipment to undertake HPLC and gas chromatography testing, which allows them to identify the cannabinoid breakdown within each of our CBD extracts.

Testing doesn’t just allow us to discover exactly what is in our CBD products, it also enables us to tell you what isn’t present in any of our extracts. All of EthicaCBD’s carefully manufactured products are guaranteed to be free from toxins and heavy metals.