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Our company is built upon individuals who champion the benefits of plant-based care. Everyone involved with EthicaCBD holds a firm belief that we can help you live better.

Starting with the founders, then searching through every layer of this organisation all the way to our community, you will find a shared vision and common goal: to make a difference.

Our Values

As a business, we work for the people and the planet. What does this look like? Providing the highest quality, ethical CBD products that help improve the wellness of our community, using production methods that work with our planet and its resources, not against it.

Our Goal

"To offer the best CBD for people and the planet. We do this by placing an uncompromising emphasis on quality in everything that we do."

"I could not recommend a company more in the CBD market."

By placing our trust in nature and our focus on quality, we don’t need to sing our own praises. Our customers understand the potential of plant-based care and our products truly speak for themselves.

“I was nervous about using the CBD oil but I am glad I tried it as there has been a noticeable improvement with my wellbeing. I like the fact that they have an ethical approach. Also, ordering is really simple, the packaging is lovely and environmentally friendly and the delivery is fast.”

A. Davis

“The packaging is all recyclable and the pot is just beautiful and I love the ethical approach to the product! We need more products like this on the market!


“I’ve spent a fortune in the last 4 years on various treatments from the traditional Physio to Osteo to Pilates to utter leaps of faith and now at less than £30.00 I’ve discovered a real gem. I was sceptical at first but for the first time in over 10 years, I feel good.”


“My older sister has really benefited from CBD as part of her daily routine. She’s been convincing me for ages to try it. Now I have, I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before!! It has really has made a huge difference in my life! I really love the ethical stance of this cbd company.”


Premium quality, honest CBD that you can trust.

Words from Kris Hellenga,
Founder of CoppaFeel

“There are so many CBD products in the marketplace that you have to be careful about which you choose because it’s not always clear what is put in them. EthicaCBD is a local Cornish brand that focuses on being natural, ethical and sustainable. The products are pure and have no heavy metals or ‘nasties’ and the brand is transparent in everything it does which offers peace of mind.”

Becoming An EthicaCBD Brand Ambassador

Our brand ambassadors share in our passion for ethically produced CBD products. We work together to achieve great things, placing CBD at the centre of our journey. Whether conquering physical challenges or overcoming mental adversity, our ambassadors have a few things in common: grit, determination, and ambition.
Man stretching in gym

1. Why be an ambassador?

Being an EthicaCBD ambassador means being part of a community that consistently seeks to do better. We truly believe that CBD can improve lives. By sharing your experiences, you can change the lives of others.

If you make environmentally-conscious decisions to better your life, using CBD as a tool to aid this journey, then join our community, share your story and make a difference.

2. Who can be an ambassador?

The simple answer is anyone. Anyone who understands the true power of CBD and plant-based care qualifies as an ideal EthicaCBD ambassador.

3. Why be an ambassador?

  • Commission on sales created via your endorsement
  • Monthly discounts on the products you want to endorse
  • Branded media assets and support from our team so you can make the most of the opportunity

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Better Living, Together.

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