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Pure Swiss CBD – Night

Dream & Recharge


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Do you never feel truly, fully rested? Do you toss and turn at night with thoughts circling around your head whilst your body lies there exhausted? Do you often awake feeling groggy and lacking the clarity required to fully embrace the day ahead?

Our ‘Night’ pure CBD oil is a carefully formulated complex blend of natural botanicals, terpenes and organically-grown Swiss hemp-derived CBD to create a beautifully relaxing nighttime formula. This best-selling gentle tincture is most effective when used as part of a regular night-time routine. If you long to feel that inner zest in the mornings following a deep, restorative sleep, try our Night remedy infused with chamomile, zinc and lavender.

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From mental health to immune function and cognition, all manner of issues can be attributed to lack of sleep. Feeling more rested and in control shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the lucky few – achieving a better quality (and length) of sleep will vastly improve your mood, your health and your life.

When you feel more rested and in control, you can achieve anything you want to achieve, which is why we developed this night time blend of botanicals to help those seeking inner restfulness. You’ll be glad you started today…

CBD Oil and Sleep

A strict refinement process and careful attention to detail means that EthicaCBD Pure is completely free from THC. Our CBD oil is tested for quality, potency, and purity by certified independent third-party labs to give you peace of mind.

How to use

Our CBD oil is pure, clean, vegan-friendly and easy to use. Start by placing 3 drops under the tongue 3 times per day. Hold for at least 2 minutes then swallow. 

Because we know our product, our dosage guidance is simple. There may be occasions where it is deemed necessary to increase or reduce the daily dose, but we are confident that when implementing EthicaCBD oils as a supplement to a daily routine, 3 drops 3 times a day is the perfect amount.  When taken separately or combined with our other Pure CBD oils in the range (up to the maximum suggested dose of 9 drops a day), you can find the perfect bespoke blend for you.

Please do not exceed the consumption of 70mg of CBD in any 24 hour period

Discover our Natural Ingredients

By embracing the qualities of other plant extracts, minerals and vitamins, EthicaCBD has created a unique and powerful formulation to bring about a brighter, more rested ‘you’ whilst fortifying your body and mind.

  • ZINC – A deficiency in this nutrient can contribute to insomnia. Zinc can regulate circadian rhythms (reset your inner body clock) and has long been used as an effective and safe sleep aid. Zinc also has a calming effect for those who suffer anxiety and can regulate sleep patterns and improve the vividness of dreams.
  • CHAMOMILE – This herbal remedy is well-known for its powerful sleep-inducing effects and ability to calm and relax. The plant’s calming effects may be attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin which is found in abundance in chamomile tea and has been used for centuries by those looking for a way of achieving deep restfulness.
  • LAVENDER – Lavender has long been known for relaxing muscles and calming the mind. Often used in aromatherapy blends, lavender is a herbal remedy which reduces stress and helps to combat insomnia.
  • MCT OIL – Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are a group of saturated fats derived from coconut oil. They are the ‘good bits’ derived from coconut oil and vastly superior to coconut oil alone. We use it because it provides a beautifully balanced oil which is clean, light and and the slight hint of coconut complements the terpene flavours perfectly.
  • TERPENES – This nighttime CBD firmly places its focus around nerolidol, a terpene regularly associated with calm and relaxation. Most commonly found in jasmine, lavender, tea tree, and lemongrass, this fragrant extract has citrusy and woody undertones and zings. Nerolidol is frequently reported as having antioxidant, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties, making the natural extract a powerful addition to the body’s defence mechanisms. Also featuring in Pure Night Formula is borneol. Used for many thousands of years in Chinese medicine to reduce inflammation, we are only now beginning to understand the true power of this woody terpene. To further complement and enhance the effect of the other terpenes, EthicaCBD Pure Night contains terpinolene, which is again believed by many to be an antioxidant and antibacterial extract that delivers hints of pine to the formula.

1 review for Pure Swiss CBD – Night

  1. Jenny

    This really helped me. I had not tried CBD before. I had been recommended by a friend with sleep problems too.

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