CBD for good

EthicaCBD lives by its brand values. The result is a company that you can trust and place at the centre of your experiences with CBD. We constantly review our procedures and processes to ensure that we are staying loyal to our values of transparency, quality, and being better.

Striving for better, for people and the planet.

Quality CBD

EthicaCBD is committed to using premium raw materials. From our raw materials to our final product, every care is taken to deliver a new generation of CBD experiences.


We believe consumers have the right to understand every process involved in the extraction of our CBD. From our hand-cut, sustainably cultivated hemp to the carefully orchestrated low-batch extraction, we aim for complete transparency in our craftsmanlike methods of production.

Being better

The EthicaCBD way of thinking puts ethical accountability at the heart of the CBD experience. Sourcing the best available products, from an ethically centric supply chain, and striving to constantly improve our processes, means that our ethics are constantly evolving, for the better.

We constantly review our processes and procedures to ensure everything we do adheres to our strict pillars of ethics.

Making an impact

We are committed to having a positive impact on the CBD industry. Through our actions and dedication to the finer details, we are staying loyal to our values of transparency, quality, and being better.

Future aspirations

EthicaCBD is careful to only align itself with suppliers who adhere to similar ethical conduct. EthicaCBD is confident in its ability to use its sustainability credentials to achieve certification in the very near future.

Organically grown

Our raw materials are organically grown. Our extraction process is sustainably handled. And our product packaging is as eco-compliant as we have been able to make it. But we recognise that there is always more that can be done. That’s why we continually strive to be better, for the good of the people and planet. 

The benefits of hemp

Its benefits are almost too numerous to list. Besides its range of uses in textiles, agriculture, construction and biofuel, it also contains excellent nutritional properties. The seeds are gluten-free and a source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, essential fatty acids and amino acids, all of which contribute to a healthy body and mind.

We are only scratching the surface of what can be achieved with this magnificent wonder plant. EthicaCBD is committed to harnessing the power of the hemp plant and championing the benefits that it holds within.

Eco-friendly CBD

According to statistics from the British Hemp Alliance, one hectare of hemp is able to absorb 15 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, more than any other vegetation on the planet. Not only that, its deep root network helps to irrigate and improve soil health, locking in nitrogen and reducing erosion by solidly binding the soil. Hemp crops are robust and strong, and its dense leaves prevent weeds from growing in the ground, eradicating the need for pesticides and herbicides.


The sensitive utilisation of natural resources in order to sustain ecological harmony.

EthicaCBD believes that delivering a sustainable product not only helps the planet but improves your experience of our CBD products. That’s why we are doing everything we can to make sustainable and ethical commitments across our range. From production to packaging, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical accountability. 

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging supplier uses recycled paper, is vegan approved, and operates a CO2 neutral press, helping us continue our commitment to ethical sustainability.

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