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Landmark EU ruling allows CBD to be legally included as ingredient in skincare and cosmetics

One of Europe’s leading trade regulators has amended its guidelines to reclassify plant-based CBD as an acceptable ingredient in cosmetic products. The move means that CBD can now legally be included in a wide range of skincare and wellness products across the EU.

The change was spearheaded by the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) who highlighted the European Court of Justice’s statement that CBD should not be classed as a drug, and can therefore be traded without limits. 

Where previously only synthetic CBD had been allowed as a legal additive, the EU’s Directorate-General for Internal Market and Industry added CBD to the list of materials available for legal production and consumption.

The new rulings were welcomed by the managing director of the European Industrial Hemp Association Lorenza Romanese who heralded it as a momentous day for all those involved in the hemp industry. In a statement she said:

“Thanks to the intensive, yet very rewarding, work of our team and the trust our members put in us, pure CBD (i.e., naturally-derived) and extracts from leaves containing CBD have been secured and can be now marketed in the EU as cosmetic products.”

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