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Having been open for 40 years, Wild Oats is the granddaddy of health food shops. Being the oldest health food shop in Bristol makes it a cornerstone for the community, and the holistic heart of the city. This trusted, established outlet is where people from all walks of life go to get nutrition advice and recommendations for supplements which can help them in their day-to-day lives.

And so you can imagine how delighted we were when Wild Oats selected our popular Pure range of oils to stock in their shop. We spoke to Ivy Lloyd, Natural Remedies Advisor at Wild Oats, to gain a little insight into Wild Oats and why they have stocked our oils… 

EthicaCBD: Thank you for your time today Ivy, I guess you’re busy on the run up to Christmas?

Ivy: We are incredibly busy at the moment, yes; it seems like there are too many things to do and not enough time! 

EthicaCBD: We definitely know that feeling! So please could you tell us a little about Wild Oats and how the business started?

Ivy: Of course. Wild Oats was started in 1981 by Mike and Loes Abrahams. There were few shops of its kind around in those days, but the demand for healthy wholefoods was growing rapidly and the shop grew from strength to strength. The mission was to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and to help to shape the way we live.

One of the most popular things the shop did in the beginning (and still do today) was refillable dry goods. As popular as this method of sustainable shopping is nowadays, we were one of the forerunners and people came from all over for our refillables. Whilst the business has grown, Mike still has an active role in the business today. It is the family-run ethos of our business which makes it so popular i think – people trust us and trust in the products we recommend. 

EthicaCBD: What is the main reason that people come to a store like Wild Oats?

Ivy: People come to us for all kinds of reasons. We stock lots of perhaps more obscure things that people can’t get elsewhere – like certain enzymes, Bach Flower Remedies and Nano Silver. We have a hugely comprehensive supplements section which is really popular, people come from all over. Also, since the pandemic began we have seen a huge influx of people coming to us for advice on relieving their anxiety, increasing their immunity and helping them to sleep. 

People get signposted to us from nutritionists for particular supplements, and pharmacists who trust we can offer the holistic help a customer needs. At Wild Oats we like to take the time to understand the whole person and try to help them find remedies which treat the root cause of their symptoms. 

EthicaCBD: That’s really interesting that you get people sent to you by doctors and medical professionals too. I guess everyone knows that ‘alternative’ therapies can be effective in helping all manner of issues?

Ivy: Yes. Since the pandemic we have had lots of people come to us with digestive issues, and people struggling with stress, anxiety and mood. There are people of all ages coming in with these issues- and parents of teenagers who are suffering with their mental health.

We have lots of people who want to try CBD because they have heard that it can help alleviate these kinds of symptoms, and we help them to understand the way it works and the way it can help. That said, we advise people with medical conditions to speak first to their medical practitioner.

EthicaCBD: Ah so that’s why you stock our Pure Oils? 

Ivy: That’s right, yes. We have lots of people who have heard about EthicaCBD and they come in to speak to us about it and ask how it can help them. Some people are a little wary of it because of the link to cannabis, but your labelling is really clear actually which gives them peace of mind. They can see that the product contains no THC so they are happier once we explain that CBD is not a drug, and it is in fact legal in the UK and can actually have a really positive effect on body and mind. 

EthicaCBD: That’s great, we’re so glad that you chose us! 

Ivy: We stock two brands of CBD – a local Bristol brand and also you guys. We love the EthicaCBD ethos and how you are free of heavy metals and toxins. We also love how easy you are to work with. So far lots of people have been coming in to try your oils on the back of your magazine articles and advertising – they seem to be happy so far! 

EthicaCBD: That’s great to hear. Thanks so much Ivy. We hope that this is a happy partnership for a long time! Hope that your Christmas is peaceful. 

Ivy: Likewise. Thank you so much. And a very merry Christmas to you too.

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