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After a 15-year Test Cricket Career (102 Tests and 116 One Day Internationals) and 38 years of global charity walks (raising over £30mil), Sir Ian Botham OBE is quite simply the most impactful cricket player to come out of the UK, going above and beyond his title of ‘England’s Best Ever All-Rounder’. 

 Unsurprisingly, his body paid the price of carrying that weight, leading to decades of treatment and various intense surgeries. Last Summer however, 6 months prior to his recent knee surgery and at his least mobile, Sir Ian was introduced to a CBD sports gel by his son, Liam. After just three weeks of using the therapeutic gel, Botham made a somewhat miraculous return to his active lifestyle. 

You can watch his video testimonial below:

Beefy was back on his feet walking round Sunningdale Golf Course after three weeks and after two months made a return to the Dunhill Links, playing three rounds of competitive golf despite not being able to make it round a course for at least two years prior to finding the gel.

Liam Botham:

“I sent the gel over to dad and three weeks later he was walking round Sunningdale”

Ian Botham:

“This gel gives me the opportunity to get active again, quicker”

Looking to get moving again? Day 1 of the new routine is tough, but Day 2 is a whole different ball game. Faced with the aching cries of formally dormant muscles, lacing up the trainers for another crack at the whip is a tall order. For those who would like a natural way to relieve and soothe their muscles, joints, and tendons, Ian Botham has made his stance clear: 

People should use it. If they need it, use it. It’s not a gimmick. It really does work.(Sir Ian Botham OBE)

The EthicaCBD Sports Gel

Let's get the world moving again.
It's only natural.

The core ingredients of this sports gel are two cannabinoids (naturally occurring cannabis compounds) – CBD & CBG.

CBD has gained major popularity in the UK since its legalisation in 2018 following the famous case of Billy Caldwell – the autistic boy with severe epilepsy whose family was granted a licence for cannabis oil to treat his illness. Known now as “the boy who changed the law”, Billy Caldwell has dropped from 300+ seizures every day, to zero. Billy has now been seizure-free for two years thanks to cannabis-based prescription medicine. 

The most common topical application of these two legal cannabinoids (CBD & CBG) is for pain relief. Used in isolation, CBD and CBG have shown in clinical and non-clinical settings to have powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, alongside some other pretty exciting therapeutic applications. 

In this gel, we have combined CBD & CBG with a variety of dynamic plant extracts that were carefully selected because of the incredible effects they can have on the body:

  • Menthol to provide users with immediate cooling & soothing relief
  • Camphor, well known for pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties when applied through the skin
  • Silica, the trace mineral that provides strength and flexibility to connective tissues within the body
  • Therapeutic Peppermint oil to relieve irritation and inflammation
  • Cajeput Tree Oil known for its analgesic potential
  • Black Pepper Oil, used for its anti-arthritic & anti-rheumatic properties, and to improve blood circulation and provide deep relief.

Alone, each of these ingredients are powerful. Collectively, they work together to offer comprehensive relief & support to help everyone work at their potential for as long as possible. 

    • Natural ingredients.
    • Made with CBD & CBG, two of the most powerful anti-inflammatories in the natural world. 
    • Cooling effect instantly refreshes the focal area, working to relieve & soothe muscles, joints & tendons. Then, the array of naturally anti-inflammatory ingredients continues to care for the point of pain long after the cooling has calmed down.
    • Can be used before, during, and after exercise.
    • Can be used as part of a rehab routine.

However, as Lord Botham so rightly states: 

“Sometimes you can do all the talking in the world, but when it actually comes to it, it’s gotta work, and it works.”

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